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Lafayette Shutters in the Kitchen

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Cover Your Kitchen Windows With a New Set of Shades or Blinds

Shades and blinds are important for your home especially in one of the rooms that you may spend the most time in:  Your kitchen. Controlling the amount of lighting and privacy in your kitchen can be a great start to making your home a lot more comfortable, protecting intimate family moments and even controlling the temperature during peak seasons.

Shades and Transparency

The transparency of your shades determines the amount of sunlight that is let into your kitchen. Many types of shades offer varying degrees of transparency. These can include:

Controlling the amount of light that is let into your kitchen can help protect your countertops and kitchen decor from harmful UV rays, and although these shades do not offer absolute privacy, can help maintain a degree of privacy in your home.


Speaking of privacy, you may favor window coverings that protect your family dinners from outside eyes. One great way to determine if privacy blinds or shades are for you is to walk around your home during the day and at night, to find out what you see inside your home from the outside. Many of these types of blinds and shades are most renowned for blocking sunlight, but are very safe and practical for privacy as well. 

Some shades and blinds that are great for privacy are:


Window coverings can help control the temperature in you kitchen, can you believe it? By controlling the amount of sunlight that is let into your kitchen, you are also controlling the amount of heat that enters and exits your home. By allowing more sunlight in during the winter months, you are helping to warm your kitchen and the opposite in the summer by blocking the amount of heat. Cellular shades, in particular, give you an added layer of trapped air that are extremely effective in controlling the amount of heat loss at your windows.

Temperature-controlling blinds and shades are:

More than practicality, matching your window coverings to your kitchen decor is important. Given all these specifications, choosing the set of window blinds or shades can seem daunting.

However, Galaxy Window Coverings is here to help you through all the steps, from choosing the right type, color, and pattern to installing and further servicing your window coverings.

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