Woven Wood Blinds

Woven Shades for a Tropical Retreat

Although you may think woven blinds cost more than other window coverings, they are a relatively affordable option to install and enjoy in your home and are popular.


What Makes Woven Wood Shades Special

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Each is Unique

Woven blinds or shades, also known as bamboo shades, can add elegance and uniqueness to a home and to your windows. Typically known for being made from high quality, renewable bamboo, woven shades provide unique patterns and the variations for the different wood colors. This gives off a unique, natural look compared to other shades or blinds options.

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Versatile With Design

Bamboo shades are a versatile option for window coverings and often work with any type of home decor, paint colors and styles of furniture. Woven blinds are a very popular window element that is being added to more and more homes as they offer a simple elegance to any space.

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Natural Light

Woven blinds naturally allow for a small amount of natural light to soak through, but for more privacy and lighting control, these blinds can be installed with liners that easily add the enhanced protection and keep that natural wood look.

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Natural Materials

Almost always made from natural, renewable materials, woven blinds give you that refreshing, eco-friendly option for window coverings in your home.

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