Window Covering New Year’s Resolutions


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When New Year’s comes around, most resolutions range from fitness or diet to other personal goals. Why not resolve to update your home decor with new window coverings? Not only do updated window coverings substantially boost the look of your home, but there are several practical factors to update your blinds or shades as well.

What Blinds or Shades Are Right For You?

Okay, so you’ve decided to commit to updating your home decor, namely, your blinds and shades. Well, here are a few types of blinds and shades that may fit your home perfectly.

Cellular shades

Cellular, otherwise known as honeycomb shades, have been around for years but have recently become a home necessity for many homeowners, especially in Colorado. Cellular shades offer a stylish, simple, eco-friendly solution for your window coverings. Their affordable, pocketed design traps air at the window, helping to regulate the interior temperature of your home year-round, which can be a significant factor when choosing new window coverings.

On top of being very functional for Colorado’s weather, cellular shades look beautiful in just about any home. They are stylish and elegant and come in various colors and styles, assuring you can make honeycomb shades an integral part of your home’s decor.


Manually adjustable blinds and shades can be arduous, and the cords and tools used to adjust them can get in the way and be dangerous if young children and pets are present. For the new year, look into motorizing all of the window coverings in your home. Simple and elegant, at the push of a button, control all of your home’s window coverings.

Automation of your blinds and shades and programming them to open or close automatically can significantly reduce stress and keep your home shaded at all times of the day. This could be necessary for homeowners with different window styles, sizes, and shapes.

Roller/Solar Shades

In Colorado, we are all used to the long summer months and the constant presence of sunlight. Of course, this is great for fans of the outdoors, but for our homes and decor, we need to be a little more careful. Use easy-to-use roller shades to protect your home and family from dangerous UV rays. Roller shades come in various colors and styles and are made from multiple fabrics depending on your home’s decor and window situation.

Roller shades can also be made of solarized material, also known as solar shades, so you may be protected from the sunlight and can still view your perfect Colorado scenery. Solar shades come in differing degrees of opacity to match your new solar shades to the amount of sun you wish to let into your home.

Give your home the attention that it needs in 2023. Contact the experts at Galaxy Window Coverings to help you pick out and install a new set of cellular or roller shades and even to help install and program window motorization.