Motorized Window Coverings for the New Year

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Converting your home and applying more smart, automated features is the upward trending customization for your home going into 2020. Motorized shades and blinds give your home many cost, temperature, and privacy benefits you will start noticing immediately. Your home will be the center of attention with your friends, family, and neighborhood with motorized blinds and shades.

Automated Window Blinds and Shades Save Energy

That’s right! Blocking the sun’s heat and keeping your air conditioning from escaping translates to saving energy costs for your home, and with homes becoming more innovative every day, you no longer have to worry about constantly adjusting your shades and blinds manually. Going into the New Year is the perfect time to install motorized blinds or shades and automate your window coverings to work for you, giving you greater control over the temperature inside your home, energy consumption, and security while at home or away.

So What are Automated Window Coverings?

As you know, motorized window shades are the future of home security, automation, and energy conservation. Automated window coverings offer numerous control options. Remote control, Timer Remote Control, Smart Phone Control, Wand Control, and many more are compatible with current smart home systems.

The hype is true! There are a lot of reasons for you to upgrade your window coverings this season:

  • Automated shades and blinds are neat, stylish, and child-safe – no strings or cables
  • They are great for more oversized or hard-to-reach windows
  • They are reticent
  • Automation means you can control more than one set of blinds at once
  • Your shades and blinds will last longer as the motors provide smooth transitions
  • Energy savings and privacy

Contact Galaxy Window Coverings before the start of the New Year, as homeowners are already grabbing motorized window coverings, providing them with new options for energy savings and home security.