Keep Sunlight Out Without Blocking Your View

Graber Solar Shade

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Solar shades offer you protection from the sun, without hiding that gorgeous Colorado view

Northern Colorado sees sunlight for most of the year, and although we love being out in the great weather that Colorado has to offer, the constant sunlight can sometimes be intrusive. In your home or office, you may turn to standard blinds or full shades that block both the sun and your view to the outside; however, solar shades are another form of window covering that you should consider. They effectively block the sun but do not destroy your beautiful Colorado views.

What are solar shades exactly?

Think about putting a pair of sunglasses over your home’s windows. Solar shades protect from and dim the light from the sun but do not obstruct your view of the world around your home. These shades are also considered roller shades, which operate simply by pulling down on the shade itself or having a motor unroll the shade instead of relying on a drawstring.

Solar shades are made from various materials, depending on the opacity level, and can even be specially designed to match your home’s decor. Most solar shades are made from fiberglass, vinyl, and polyester. They are specially produced to allow various levels of the sun’s rays to filter throughout your home. Ultimately, they are very effective in reducing the glare from the sun, regulating the amount of heat in your home, and protecting against the sun’s harmful rays.

These shades are one of the most unique window coverings because they allow you to witness the beautiful scenery outside your window even when fully closed.

Solar shades window coverings in office

Increasing in popularity, solar shades have become one of our top recommended window coverings here at Galaxy Window Covering. But are they the perfect fit for your home or office? If you want to reduce the amount of sun glare and heat circulating through your house or place of business, solar shades may be the best option for window covering.

Although solar shades do not offer complete privacy, they come in various opacities – otherwise known as “openness.” Generally, the lower the openness, the less light your solar shade will let in. So you can choose your comfortable level of transparency and any prints or patterns that match your home or office space.

Some applications to keep in mind would be:

  • When you have East/West facing windows that receive direct sunlight, you want to block that sunlight without giving up your beautiful Colorado views.
  • When you have important decor that you do not want to be destroyed by the sun’s harmful rays.
  • When you have large windows that need an expansive window covering option, solar shades and roller shades, in general, are great options for larger window covering applications.
  • Even when you want some of the same benefits outdoors, whether on your patio or other outdoor living area, solar shades are approved for many outdoor situations.

Solar shades are a very versatile option when regarding window coverings. Have the experts at Galaxy Window Coverings assess your home or office, and we’ll see you through the entire process of picking out your solar shades, installation, and any future service. Contact us today!