Are Interior Window Shutters Worth It? Key Benefits for Homes

Interior Window Shutters

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Interior window shutters are a popular window treatment that offers both form and function. Unlike blinds or curtains, shutters can transform the look and feel of a room while providing privacy, light control, and other practical benefits. If you’re on the fence about installing interior shutters, understanding the key advantages can help you decide if they are worth the investment.

Enhance Aesthetics and Style

Enhance Aesthetics and Style

One of the main reasons homeowners opt for interior shutters is their ability to elevate the design and style of any space. Interior shutters come in a range of materials like wood, faux wood, vinyl, composite, and customizable colors and sizes. This makes it easy to match any décor theme or aesthetic.

Shutters lend a clean, tailored look to windows that can take your home’s style up a notch. Café-style shutters, built-in shutters, and shutters flanking windows on either side create appealing architectural details. Unlike basic blinds or curtains, shutters make more of a décor statement.

Wood shutters in stained finishes or paintable hardboard shutters add warmth and craftsmanship compared to aluminum blinds. Real wood’s natural texture and color depth bring life to a room. For a cottage charm, painted distressed shutters are a great choice.

Vinyl and composite shutters offer durability and custom colors at a lower price point. Their molding and trim-like profiles still provide design impact.

No matter your interior style, shutters can enhance it. Here are some examples:

Modern – Metal or vinyl shutters in bold solids or neutrals complement crisp, contemporary spaces.
Rustic/Farmhouse – Stained wood shutters in dark walnut or white add a cozy texture.
Traditional/Classic – Stained wood shutters in rich mahogany or cherry tones match traditional architecture.
Coastal – Light wood or white vinyl shutters pair perfectly with breezy beach décor.

Functionality and Practical Benefits

Beyond looks, interior shutters offer practical privacy, light control, and other benefits that enhance function:

  • Shutters block outside light better than many blinds and shades when fully closed. Shutters allow complete blackout capability for sleep or A/V purposes.
  • You can angle slats on louvered shutters to let in just the right amount of natural light. This also maintains privacy while allowing some visibility.
  • Shutters muffle outside noise more effectively than sheers or blinds. Closing them helps create quiet serenity inside.
  • Unlike curtains that blow around, shutters stay neatly in place when closed. They provide stable light blocking and privacy.
  • Shutters can be opened and closed from top to bottom for tiered privacy and light control. Having some shutters open while others remain closed creates a nice dimension.
  • Shutters allow you to cover portions of a window while leaving others uncovered. This customization allows you to filter light perfectly.

Durability and Energy Efficiency

Interior shutters are constructed with durable materials like wood, faux wood composites, and vinyl. These materials make them longer lasting than typical window dressings, which need frequent replacement. Quality shutters are a decade-plus investment that will stay looking great for years.

Shutters can also help insulate windows, which reduces energy costs. Closed shutters form an air pocket that prevents heat or cold transfer, saving on heating and cooling bills. This insulation factor also helps minimize temperature fluctuations in the home throughout the day and seasons.

Ease of Use

One of the perks of interior shutters is their user-friendly operation. Opening and closing shutters are quick and simple, only requiring a rod’s turn or a track’s sliding. Their user-friendly design makes modifying light and privacy settings easy on the fly.

Shutters are also easy to clean. A simple dusting is all they need to keep them looking fresh. You can use a damp cloth to wipe down vinyl and composite shutters without damage.

So if you want simple window treatments to adjust and maintain over time, low-maintenance shutters are a wise investment.

Frequently Asked Questions about Window Shutters

Yes, interior shutters remain on-trend and popular in 2021. Their versatility to match any décor, whether modern farmhouse, traditional, or contemporary, keeps them style-relevant.

Quality wood or composite interior shutters that are properly installed can recoup 75-90% of their value in increased resale value. They are seen as a custom upgrade that buyers find appealing.

On average, expect to pay $25-$50 per square foot installed for wood shutters and $15-$30 per square foot installed for composite, vinyl, or faux wood shutters. Costs vary based on material and customization.

Make Your Fécor Upgrades Worth It With Window Shutters

Adding interior shutters is a significant yet worthwhile investment that can greatly improve your home’s functionality and aesthetic appeal for years to come. If you’re looking to upgrade your windows with superior design, privacy, light control, and durability, quality interior shutters are an excellent choice.

Call Galaxy Window Coverings today to discuss whether custom interior shutters would be the right choice to meet your upgrading goals. Our experts will provide suggestions that are tailored to your specific space and preferences.