Insulating Cellular Shades for the Winter


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Cellular shades offer an extra insulated barrier to your home

You may not think that shades or blinds offer any insulating qualities to help protect your home from the heat or cold. However, some shades – especially cellular – can greatly help insulate a home where energy escapes through windows and doors. You may not believe it, but this insulating effect means huge energy-saving benefits and a comfortable home year-round.

What are cellular shades?

Although other shades offer some insulation to your windows and doors, cellular shades, also known as honeycomb shades, will always be your best insulators. This goes for any time of year, whether during the cold winter or the hot summer. Unlike types of window coverings, like solar shades, cellular shades offer total privacy so that your neighbors may not see into your home.

Cellular shades and any given insulating type of window covering are given ratings, otherwise called an “R-Value,” which determines the materials’ resistance to heat flow and how well the material resists heat gain or loss. The higher the R-value, the better qualities of insulation a particular shade has.

Did you know?

Did you know that windows and doors are one of your home’s greatest sources of wasted energy? Especially in winter, heat wants to escape through the parts of your home that offer the least barrier: your windows and doors. Cellular shades help trap that energy and air between its honeycomb fabric, effectively halting airflow between your home’s interior and the window’s glass. This barrier helps to save you money on heating costs.

Cellular shades come in various materials and are built using single-cell construction, double-cell construction, or even triple-cell construction. Most recommendations we give in Colorado are single-cell cellular shades, but double-cell construction offers more advanced insulation.

These shades come in various contemporary styles and have top-down/bottom-up options; they are cordless and can always be paired with a motorized device for home automation.

To help protect your home, especially in the winter months, rely upon Galaxy Window Coverings to install and service cellular shades for your home or office. Schedule an appointment today!