Custom Window Shutter Information for Your Home


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Interior window shutters, or plantation shutters, add flare to your home’s decor and are very easy to adjust for sunlight and privacy. For your next window remodeling project, consider these versatile and practical solutions for window coverings and their handful of styles and applications.

Window Shutters for Any Occasion

With the help of Galaxy Window Coverings, we can match the perfect window shutter solutions for your home’s windows that increase your home’s appeal and coincide with your home’s decor.

Full-height shutters

As their name suggests, full-height window shutters are custom solutions that span a window’s entire width and height. These reflect the traditional plantation shutters that elevate a home’s decor style and elegance. Full-height window shutters are great for controlling the light in a room and offering complete privacy. These shutters come in various colors and material options and are easy to clean.

Café style shutters

Being only half the window’s full height, café style interior window shutters get their name from their original use in many French cafés. By having the option of privacy in the lower half of your window, you then open up the top half to let in whole and welcoming light. These are ideal for first-floor rooms where full coverage and privacy of a window are not needed. As with any custom window shutter solutions, café style window shutters can be ordered in various colors, materials, and styles, all of which Galaxy Window Coverings has years of experience installing.

Tier-on-tier window shutters

Perhaps you want a more custom solution than full-height or café style window shutters. Tier-on-tier window shutters are the solution for you. Unlike café style window shutters, tier-on-tier window shutters cover your entire window. However, the top and bottom sections can be opened independently, giving you an incredibly versatile window shutter combination. Opening up the full panels allows you to control the amount of light in a room while keeping the bottom panels closed gives you privacy. Galaxy Window Coverings suggests these window shutters for just about any window situation in your home.

Bay window shutters

Bay windows are designed and built to allow more light to enter a room; however, they can have the opposite drawbacks of allowing a space to become more heated in warmer weather. To help keep your room protected from unwanted heat, custom bay window shutters are the perfect choice. By installing shutters on your bay windows, you will add a layer of insulation that is not inherited to bay windows, keeping the heat in your home during colder days and heat out during warmer days. Galaxy Window Coverings can fit any bay windows with custom window shutters.

Unique-shaped window shutters

Maybe you have a uniquely shaped window that you would like custom shutters installed on? There are solutions for that as well. Galaxy Window Coverings has the experience to install window shutters for almost every space, from arched windows to circular or angled to any number of unique-shaped windows.