Custom Window Shutter Information for Your Home

Interior window shutters, also known as plantation shutters, not only add flare to your home’s decor, but they are also very easy to adjust for sunlight and privacy. For your next window remodeling project, consider these versatile and practical solutions for window coverings and also consider the handful of styles and applications that they come in.

Window Shutters for Any Occasion

With the help from Galaxy Window Coverings, we can match the perfect window shutter solutions for your home’s windows, that increase your home’s appeal and coincide with your home’s decor.

Full height shutters

As their name suggests, full height window shutters are custom solutions that span the entire width and height of a window. These reflect the traditional plantation shutters that give a home’s decor an elevated style and elegance. Full height window shutters are great for controlling the amount of light that is let into a room as well as offering full privacy. These shutters come in a wide variety of colors and material options and are easy to clean.

Café style shutters

Being only half of the full height of the window, café style interior window shutters get their name from their original use in many French cafés. By having the option of privacy in the lower half of your window, you then open up the top half to let in full and welcoming light. These are ideal for first floor rooms where full coverage and privacy of a window is not needed. As with any custom window shutter solutions, café style window shutters can be ordered in any variety of colors, materials and styles, all of which, Galaxy Window Coverings has years of experience in installing.

Tier-on-tier window shutters

Perhaps you are looking for an even more custom solution than full height window shutters or café style window shutters. Tier-on-tier window shutters are the solution for you. Unlike café style window shutters, tier-on-tier window shutters cover your entire window, however the top and bottom sections can be opened independently of each other, giving you an extremely versatile window shutter combination. Opening up the top panels gives you the ability to control the amount of light that is let into a room, while keeping the bottom panels closed gives you privacy. Galaxy Window Coverings suggests these type of window shutters for just about any window situation in your home.

Bay window shutters

Bay windows are designed and built to allow more light to enter a room, however, can be have the opposite drawbacks of allowing a room to become more heated in warmer weather. To help keep your room protected from unwanted heat, custom bay window shutters are the perfect choice. By installing shutters on your bay windows, you will be adding a layer of insulation that is not inherit to bay windows, keeping the heat in your home during colder days and heat out during warmer days. Galaxy Window Coverings can fit any bay windows with custom window shutters.

Shaped window shutters

Maybe you have a uniquely shaped window that you would like custom shutters installed on? There are solutions for that as well. From arched windows to circular or angled, to any number of special shaped windows, Galaxy Window Coverings has the experience to install window shutters for just about every space.

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Galaxy Window Covering is proud to sell Color Lux window shades and blinds from Comfortex - one of the premier manufacturers in the window treatment industry. Color Lux was developed with one goal in mind - to make interior designing with window treatments easy, efficient, and beautiful. Let’s face it, the hardest part about any home design project is making sure the colors and textures you choose harmonize with each other and the rest of your room. It shouldn’t be that way. With more than 800 colors to choose from, matching your paint is a snap.

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Cellular or honeycomb shades look wonderful on the interior and outside of your home and are quite cost-effective.

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The way Roman shades appear when lifted, is similar to a decorative piece of fabric that previously graced Roman structures, giving them their name.

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Solar blinds shield your home's interior from the sun's harmful rays at all times of the year. Not only will you and your family have peace of mind, but your furnishings and decor will also be unaffected.

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